Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

I don't have many pictures from Christmas this year. The combination of having a baby who won't let anyone else hold her and me wanting to be able to really enjoy what is going on and not just be worried about getting good pics to post made that a little difficult!

We had a great Christmas. It was a first Christmas in our house. It was our first Christmas with sweet Em (who handled the marathon of houses like a champ!) and it was just a nice day with family. Lily and Ava got to pick out presents for each other this year and it was so sweet watching them open the gifts they had chosen for one another. When I asked them at the end of the day what their favorite gift was, they both said the one the other had picked out.

Here are just some quick shots from our time at home, in the morning and in the evening. Everyone is happy and having fun. A great day :)

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