Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Lily Bear,
Sweet, sweet Lily Bear. Today, you turned five years old. Five! I can't believe it. You have grown up so fast.

You had a lot of big changes this year and you handled them all like a champ! You said goodbye to your first really good friend, you moved to a new house, you welcomed a new baby sister, and you started pre-school. I have been so proud of how well you have dealt with all these big steps.

You are so sweet with Emmie. You love to play with her and help me feed her. You and Ava have a little bit more of a tumultuous relationship, but I can tell how much you care about her. You know when she really needs you to be her big sister and you can always make her feel better when she is sad or unhappy.

You have absolutely been loving school. It is the highlight of your week and the couple of times when you have been sick and I have merely suggested that maybe you shouldn't go to school, you got so upset! You love seeing all your friends and being able to hang with them. You had your first little crush on a little boy named Aiden (who you even tried to kiss...which has me really looking forward to you thinking boys have cooties!), but you quickly realized it was way more fun to just be friends and play tag :)

You have started to get this great sense of humor...when you're not giggling about bums and toots, that is! You are so full of questions, but you also seem to know everything. You are such a smart little girl.

I love you, Lil. You are such a joy. I love hearing your silly thoughts and all your funny little songs. I love seeing the crazy outfits you pick out and then listening to you explain why they actually go together. I love seeing you be an awesome big sister to Ava and Em. I love seeing how much you adore your Daddy.

This year had made me think a lot about you growing up. It is so exciting to imagine all the things you are going to do. Scary, too :) I can't wait though, Baby Bear, to see who you become. I can't wait to see what this next year brings for you! I love you, Little Girl. Happy Birthday!


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