Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sweet Ava Bug,
Three? Really? Already? Is that even possible? You are such a little bundle of sweetness. You are still a little snuggle bug and ask daily to be held and snuggled with.

You are such a sweet big sister to Emmie. You crack me up constantly by telling me what "Emmie says." You always use this funny little voice when you are speaking for her. She's a little freaked out by you (I think you move too fast for her) still, but she is starting to adjust to you.

You are still completely in love with your big sister. You want to be like her so badly. It is getting harder for me to keep you from trying to do things you are just too little for. If Lily can do it, you can do it! You are still sharing a room with her, and even though you have separate beds, I find you almost every night curled up at the foot of Lily's bed.

This year, I have gotten to hear a lot more of your little thoughts and ideas. You are a funny little girl. You definitely know how you think the world should be. You still have that sweet and gentle heart I marveled at. We have seen a little mischievous streak developing in you, too! If there is a mess, nine times out of ten, you are the girl responsible. I have never seen anyone eat the way you do! Eating is like an olympic sport for you! You get so much pleasure out of it, but the messes you make! Oh my!

Little Bug, it has been such a joy watching you grow this year. I don't think this was an easy year for you. There were lots of big changes and I think that was really hard for you, but you are still such a joy to have in our lives. I love you with all my heart, Sweet Ava!


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