Monday, December 6, 2010

November on Facebook

November 2: Just watched Toy Story 3 with the Ava Bug. Love the way they ended it :)

November 7:
Stomach Bug (thankfully, not for me or Emmie, yet) + staying up late painting + kids who do not get the whole "fall behind" time change thing = one tired momma :)

November 11:
So, is it bad that since we painted it, the laundry room has become one of my favorite rooms in my house? It almost makes me want to do laundry more :)

November 12:
Loving the Irish chocolates that one of Nathan's patients brought him...from Ireland. He must be one heck of a dentist for someone to be in Ireland and go, "Hey, I'm gonna get these to bring to my dentist." :)

November 12:
Grrrr...emergency patient is going to make the hubs late for the first night out we've had in...well, I'm not really sure how long, but a really long time! I guess on the bright side, he will be making a little extra cash, so he will be more willing to buy me dinner :)

November 15:
Just occurred to me that I need to get a serious move on Christmas shopping if I want to avoid the December craziness in the stores! Wow, I am sooo not on top of things this year!

November 24:
My Emmie is 5 months old today! Can't believe how fast that went by!

November 29:
Still rocking from the cruise :) We all had a fun time and watching my two youngest eat their weight in food was truly a sight to see!

November 29:
So thankful for my hubby who just helped Lily get a Polly Pocket shoe out of her nose...yes, you read that right.

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