Thursday, May 6, 2010

Adventures in Moving

Sooo, we decided it was time to start moving some of our junk into a storage unit in St. Auggie. We borrowed a trailer, loaded it up, and headed out of town. We left a bit late because Nate did not get out of school until almost 4:00 and it took him about 3 hours to load the car and trailer by himself (I am, unfortunately, not much help these days what with being almost 8 months pregnant and all). So, we get about half way hour into our drive, and we are in the middle of no where (a.k.a. Interlachen) when the tire on the trailer blows out. Uh oh. The nearest store is an Advanced Auto Parts. We pull in at 9:03. Guess what time they closed? 9:00. That's right. Niiice. Okay, so now, we need to make it another 20 miles or so to the Wal-Mart in Palataka...while driving the trailer pretty much just on the tire rim. Not cool. Oh, and to make this whole experience even funnier (for me at least), Nate had been drinking sweet tea while he loaded the car. My husband does not drink caffeinated drink hardly ever and he had 5 cups full of tea in the course of about 2 hours. He was buzzing! Too funny. So, we thankfully made it to the Wal-mart and were able to buy a new tire and get it changed in the parking lot. What should have been a two hour trip ended up taking us three and a half hours. So fun. The best part, though, was the tire that got shredded. So, that is the image I will be leaving you with:


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