Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well, we are officially moved out. We officially have no address of our own and are depending on the kindness of our in-laws to keep a roof over our heads until we can close on our house. The girls are so worried and upset. They just don't seem to understand all of this. Not that I can blame them. All their stuff went into boxes and then disappeared. They will be so happy when it all come back out again :) It was pretty funny, though, over the last week, Ava has been following me around telling me not to pack stuff. "You not pack this Barbie. It my favorite Barbie!" "You not pack my clothes!" "You not pack our cups!" "No pack my bed!" I got yelled at a lot. Oh well. We have two weeks of what will hopefully be rest and relaxation before Nate starts work, which I think will do everyone a lot of good!

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