Friday, May 21, 2010


It's finally here! After four long years, Nathan is finally graduating! We bought the girls "special" dresses and new shoes a couple of weeks ago and they have been begging to wear them since! Well, today, they got to wear them. After a frenzied couple of weeks of moving and repainting the apartment, we packed up our final load and headed over to the Philips Center with some of Nathan's family and Nana to watch Nathan and his classmates take their final step towards becoming dentists.

The girls did not want to cooperate with pictures...

Not at all...

Ava promptly conked out on Grandad's lap and proceeded to sleep through the whole graduation.

The graduating class of 2010!!

I love this one! Yay, for Daddy!

Lily was being such a crank! Doesn't Nathan look happy, though?

That's my man! I am so proud of him!

Three generations of dentists!

Nathan with his parents and mom's parents

Nathan and his parents

Nathan and his buddy, Phil. Congrats, guys!

The three UNF alum. Cara, Nathan, and Aida.

Nathan and his Mom

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carey anne said...

What great pics! You and the girls must be so proud!!