Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April on Facebook

April 1st: Alright, MOPS group, who is coming to our MNO tonight? Do Art at 6:00. Bring a snack to share :)

April 1st:
We gave our 45 day notice yesterday! Can't believe we are moving that, to find a house...oh, and I may need to get packing some more boxes...

April 5th: Mmmmm...peach strawberry smoothie and sharing ham lunchables with the girls. All is right with the world ;)

April 5th: feels like my head is going to explode. I so cannot get sick right now...

April 6th: Just thoroughly disappointed my four year old when I told her that her How to Train Your Dragon toy from McD's does not really shoot fireballs. That only happens in the commercial. The funniest part of this to me is that she actually thought I would give her a toy that shot fireballs!

April 11th:
Looked at an awesome house today. Think we are goingto put in an offer tomorrow. Cross your fingers for us :) I really want this one!

April 14th:
I think my head is going to of my least favorite pregnancy symptoms I have been blessed with during all my pregnancies: constant congestion that causes sinus headaches. And, yeah, Tylenol does Hoping my girls will go easy on me today.

April 15th:
Yay! No headache! Guess that means I actually need to be productive today :)

April 15th:
So, I just read my little weekly pregnancy update thing and it said we have 77 days (which will really be closer to 65 with my c-section) before Baby Kicker comes. 65 days! We still have to pack, move, buy a house, move in to a house, get Nate graduated and started working and we only have 65 days!?!?!? Okay...breathe, breathe...

April 18th:
Still waiting to hear about the house. Expecting a counter-offer on Tuesday and Wednesday and I guess we'll just see from there...

April 20th:
is overwhelmed.

April 21st:
Love listening to my girls chit-chat with each other before bed. So sweet :)

April 23rd:
Could be welcoming anther niece into the world this weekend. We shall see. If nothing else, she is making her momma super uncomfortable.

April 23rd:
My poor SIL is still laboring. She has been having contractions for 43 hours now.

April 24th:
The newest Baby Nemecek has arrived. Marc and Jillian welcomed their baby girl into the world at 6:40 this morning. She was 8 lbs 10 oz, but still has no name, yet :)

April 25th:
We just had hail at our house!

April 29th:
"My cheese stick has cheese on it!" - said with a very sad and upset face by Ava Rose.

April 30th:
is thoroughly enjoying a chocolate croissant and frappacino. Kid free might I add (other than the little wiggle worm residing in my abdomen), not sure how I swung that, but I am sure going to enjoy it! Probably be the last time for at least a year!

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