Monday, April 26, 2010

Walk Around Campus

With graduation and our move back to St. Augustine fast approaching, we decided to do something we have been meaning to do for about two years now...go for a walk around the UF campus.

The "french fries" outside of the engineering building.

To get these cute hugging shots, I had to keep telling them to, "Pretend you love each other!"

Sweet sisters :)

All the girls!

Not sure what this thing is, but the girls begged to have their picture taken with it, sooo...

I had to take a picture of this because it was just so random.

Fun little fountain by the dorms.

My girls cannot resist a fountain.

Little cuties with their gator.

All of us with the Gator mascots "Mr." Albert and "Miss" Alberta

Hugs for Alberta!

Lovin' her Daddy!

The Bull Gator!

Ava did not want to be cooperative, so Lily posed by herself. That kid cracks me up with her little model poses :)


"The Swamp"

Best Daddy ever :)

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