Thursday, April 22, 2010

Outing with the Baby Bug

When do you think I will stop calling Ava, "the baby"? Her sister's due date is fast approaching and she is still "the baby" in my head. We'll see, I guess :)

Anyhow, yesterday (yay, a post that didn't take me a month to get up!) Ava and I had the pleasure of going on a little outing sans big sissy (not that we don't love having her around, but she had her speech therapy, so we were on our own). We headed over to explore the Tioga Town Center. Tioga is a very fancy smancy neighborhood here in Gainesville, so I thought it might be fun to go check out. Unfortunately, there weren't really any stores for us to check out, but we did get some yummy pastries at the Flour Pot Bakery and some coffee and juice at Starbucks. I always enjoy getting one on one time with my girls. Ava is usually very weird without Lily, but I think she had a lot of fun. She was very talkative and loved watching all the dogs that were hanging out with their owners outside of Starbucks. I think I may have to try to plan a similar outing with Lily before Baby Kicker makes her appearance.

Checking out the dogs.

Cutie Pie!

Seriously focused on eating :)

The kids love when I let them get something from Starbucks and they have their name on the cup!


That's one big muffin for such a little girl!

Yummy, apple juice!

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