Thursday, April 15, 2010

March on Facebook

Saw this on another blog and thought it would be a fun thing to try to do monthly since I am using FB more and more these days :)

March 4th: Soooo, Lily plays Happy Aquarium and sent bunch of you messages in a bottle today. Yeah, Lily can't read...or type a message for that matter. Sorry for the gibberish everyone :)

March 11th:
So, Lily decided to go to bed an hour early rather than eat her's not like I was trying to feed her liver and onions or something, either! She is her daddy's daughter...

March 12th:
Nate has his first day of State Boards today! Please, keep him your prayers. He was super stressed out last night, but I know he will do great!

March 13th:
There is definitly something wrong with being up before 7:00 on a Saturday when you have no plans, just noisy children and a stressed out, anxious hubby...

March 13th:
Just found two baby doves in a plant on our deck. We have seen the momma coming and going for a few weeks, but assumed there might only be eggs! Very cool discovery! The girls thought they were "so cute!"

March 14th:
Second (and last) day of boards for Nate! Can't wait for this to be over!

March 14th:
Nate is done! Yay! We hear back tomorrow about how he did, but he says he thinks he did well!

March 15th:
Nate PASSED! Yay! With flying colors, might I add :) Not that I had any doubt in my mind he would, but it sure is nice to have my not stressed out hubby back! It's all down hill from here! Now, the house hunt can begin! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers over the last few days!

March 16th:
A great example of my children's moods today: Ava saw the Glad commercial and grabbed on to the "Don't get mad, get glad" phrase. Lily, on the other took the phrase and made it "Don't get glad, get mad!" She is in quite the stinky mood...

March 16th:
Just finished packing our first few boxes! So exciting!

March 17th:
Lily projectile vomiting (all over my laptop, might I add) last night and a bike rider screaming at me when I took Nate to school this morning for hitting my brakes so I didn't run into another car who was hitting their brakes. Oh the joys. Did I mention how much I hate the people on bikes in G-ville? Won't miss them, that's for sure.

March 17th:
So sweet. Went in to check on my girls and found Ava snuggled up beside Lily in Lily's bed. We think she sneaks in after Lily falls asleep. She loves her Sissy so much:)

March 23rd:
Watching Pete's Dragon with the girlies. So much better than, oh most everything on Nick or Disney. No more Dora, PLEASE!

March 24th:
In Atlanta for the weekend with the hubs and inlaws for a dental meeting and some shopping. So much fun and a much needed Mommy Break! Thank you Vash, Carey, and, especially, Mom for making us able to come by taking the girlies off our hands!

March 28th:
Is happy to be home with my girls! It is always nice to have a break, but I miss them to death after a couple hours of being gone :)

March 28th:
Thinking of and praying for the Tillman family who lost their little "E" a year ago today. Makes me thankful for every second God gives me with my girls, even the hard ones.

March 29th:
My girls are fighting over clothes. Thought I had at least another 10 years before they would be arguing over who gets to wear a certain skirt...guess not :)

March 30th:
Bob the Builder is seriously boring...but, my girls are enjoying. Guess I will go do dishes...

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