Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Pictures from the Last Week

Here are just some random things from the last week. The first few are of Ava with her Elmo doll this morning. She loves Elmo so much. This doll sings a little song and she was pressing the button to make him sing over and over and over again and singing along with him.

The next picture is from our first day back at MOPS. Both girls got new princess backpacks (1.99 at Sears, thank Kim for the great find!) and were super excited to get to use them.

I can't remember where we were going, but the girls were so funny sitting on the steps, I just had to get some pictures of them. You can't see it very well in the pictures, but Ava had "piggies" in her hair. She makes me laugh because she will beg and plead for me to put her up and then, pull them out as soon as we get into the car! She's so silly!

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