Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Classic Pooh Baby Shower

Last Saturday, I co-hosted a shower for my SIL and Baby Annabelle. Carey is doing the nursery in a Classic Pooh theme and we wanted to stick with that for the shower. It was so much fun! It is really hard to find Classic Pooh decor, so we had to get creative! Anyhow, here are some pics:

Prize bags, Honey Pot favors, filled with Teddy Grahms, and some of the games we played.

Honey Pot favors.

Sweet Honey Tea, Piglet Pink Lemonade, and our beehive cake. Oh, our beehive cake.

Let me tell you about this cake. My SIL, Krysten, and I put it together. I saw one on You-Tube and had to make it for this shower! It's sooo cute! There is a great video on how to make the fondant bees, and the marshmallow fondant itself, here and here. Now, I was a little worried about this being too much for us. Neither of us had had any experience with fondant or anything that fancy. But, it was sooo easy! The fondant was not too hard to work with once we figured it out and the cake turned out great! It is 6 layers, 2 square ones on the bottom and then, the hive itself is layered with yellow cake and brownies! For the domed top, we just cooked some cake in a round glass dish. It took awhile, but it gave the hive the right shape. Krysten stacked and shaved the hive into the right shape and then, she iced it and piped a little bit on the hive to give it some texture. So cute. I love it. It was almost too cute to eat.

Our super cute clothes line, sorry for the bad pic.

Close up of the blanket I made Carey. It's a rag quilt. This really is the easiest quilt ever. I highly recommend it for anyone who is wanting to attempt a quilt, but is a little nervous about it...just make sure to not snip the edges on you lap and cut holes in your favorite pants...

My other gift to Carey was this sweet onesie. A for Annabelle, but look at the back...

Ruffles! I cannot wait to see this on that sweet baby bum! This was also a super easy project. Here's the tutorial.

Ahhh, the ruffles. There will be more of these. They were so fun!

The diaper cake is from my MIL. I put it together for her, though. It was so much fun and turned out super cute!

The flowers on the cake are all hair clips. Here is one I made for Lily. These are super easy, too! I am all about super easy. I plan on making more of these for the girls, too. Here's the tutorial.

Here is the lovely lady, herself! Though, this picture does not do her adorable baby bump justice! Congrats, again, Carey! Can't wait to meet your sweet baby!

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The Bowers Family said...

Great pictures and lots of cuteness. I think we need a craftiness day before I move. Whenever that will be. Hmmmm what can we do with the girls. Now is Carey Nate's sis because she looks more like him than Krysten. Funny how families work that way. Praying for you and thinking about you. We will have to get together next week sometime.