Monday, August 31, 2009

Surfin' Girls!

Last week, we headed into St. Auggie for some much needed R&R before the fall semester started. Nate and I got to go an excellent cruise, as well. More on that later. While we were in St. Aug, we headed to the beach and splash park. We have been telling Lily for about two years that once she learns to swim, Daddy will take her surfing. Well, she learned, so Daddy had to follow through. She had sooo much fun!

Ava driving the car before we headed to the beach.

Lily and Daddy headed out!

Ava decided she would play it safe and stick to the sand while Sissy was out surfing.

Does it get cuter than this?

After watching Lily for awhile, Ava decided she would give it a try, too.

After the beach, we headed up to the splash park so the girls could get rinsed off.

Lily trying to drink the water...ick.

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