Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some Random Stuff

First, I have to mention a personal yay! for me. I have been trying to lose some weight for the last few months and yesterday I reached the 10 lbs down mark! So, yay! This puts me back to my pre-Ava weight. There is still plenty more I want to lose, but I am happy to have reached this first goal!

Here's Lily brushing her teeth. Daddy sure is teaching her well!

This is a little skirt I made for Ava. She is a much happier model than big sis! I think she was just happy to have something being made for her! Lily was so mad that this skirt wasn't her size!

I think I have mentioned before how much my kids love YouTube and the great little songs you can find on there, well, here is a new favorite:

The video isn't great, but this song has been getting stuck in my head like crazy lately, and I knew the kids would love it (it says the world lollipop like a thousand times, so of course they do!), and yes, I know it's not really about a lollipop, but they don't understand the rest of the lyrics yet, so no biggie. We seriously just watched / listened to this like 10 times in a row and even Ava sang along a bit.

Speaking of Ava, here are some super cute new phrases she has been busting out with:

"I gots it."
"I stuck." She's always stuck hanging off of or under something.
"Hair stuck." She says this with a confused look while trying to pull her hair out of her head!

And, she tries to copy everything Lily does which is pretty hilarious. Yesterday, after Lily had finished using the potty and left the bathroom light on, I hear Ava in the bathroom fussing, "I stuck, I stuck." I go in to check on her and she is standing on top of the seat of the potty facing backwards, kind of squatted over the potty and she looks at me and goes, "Pooh-pooh potty." And, sure enough she had managed to get off her diaper, squat over the seat (while clinging for dear life so as to not fall in) and use the potty. She ended up with a foot in the potty later that day doing the same thing (thankfully, there wasn't anything else in it). She seems to want to go pooh in the potty, but she no longer wants to use her little potty, she wants to use the big potty! We have a little Dora seat to put on top, so I've been letting her use that when she wants. it would be so awesome to have her potty trained!

Lately, Lily has been pushing Ava around in the play stroller. It's really funny because Ava is way too big and heavy to be riding in this thing! She thinks it's great, though!

I know I had more I wanted to put up here, but I can't remember! The kids have been such little
nuts lately!

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