Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Zhu-Zhu Pets Review and Giveaway (Closed)

I was recently given the opportunity to review a brand new toy that is not even available in stores yet! This toy is called Zhu-Zhu Pets. It is a battery operated hamster and habitat for it to play in. Zhu-Zhu Pets sent us two hamsters and most of the playsets from their new line. I have to say, I was a little skeptical about this toy actually being interesting to my kids. My three year old, however, loved it! She has been playing with her hamster non-stop since we opened the package! The little hamsters are pretty cute and they make some really fun little noises!
Zhu-Zhu Pets has a wide variety of playsets for the hamsters to play and interact on. Even a traditional hamster wheel for the little guys to run on!
Different playsets trigger different noises and each hamster has it's own unique personality. One of the hamsters they sent us crows like a rooster! The other is a little more quiet and stick more to small squeaks and coos.
I have to say, I think these are pretty neat toys. We are very anti-noise making toys, but these are not too obnoxious and they turn themselves off after a few minutes of not being interacted with. They are a great alternative if you have a little one who wants a pet (like my daughter) but either don't want to deal with the care of a real hamster or are not allowed to have pets due to where you live(like us). The only complaint I have is that the habitat areas are not the easiest to get together and do not stay together super well. That being said, I would still recommend these as great Christmas (or otherwise) presents for toddlers.

MomSelect and Zhu-Zhu Pets would like to offer you a chance to win your very own hamster and slide! Just leave a comment on this post telling me the name of your favorite Zhu-Zhu Pets Hamster! On August 31st, I will have my girls draw a name and will put up a new post announcing the winner! Good luck everyone!

I would like to thank MomSelect for the opportunity to do this review and giveaway!