Friday, July 24, 2009

Tie Dye and a New Dress

Here is a picture of the tie dye we did a couple of weeks ago. The two best shirts are not in the picture because the girls had already worn them and they were in the wash. We had so much fun doing these! Oh, and the onesies are not for any particular reason, I just had some kind of grungy ones I have been saving to play with and thought it would be fun to try this out on them.

I also made this little dress for Lily last week...well, I finished it last week. I started it awhile ago. I was using this tutorial and decided to make it reversible, which was not so smart. It just made it about a bazillion times more complicated than it needed to be. There will be more of these, though, because it is a supre cute and simple pattern (when you don't try to fiddle with it)! The first picture cracks me up because I was trying to get her to model the dress for a picture and she wanted nothing to do with it! It's a little big, so I will probably just set it aside for a bit...

I love the way the fabrics contrasted on the back!

And, the reverse side.

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