Friday, July 24, 2009

Alachua Splash Park

Earlier this week, we headed out to a splach park in Alachua with Kim and Masidon to let the girls have some fun in the sun! They all had such a blast! Lily is all about the splash parks and Ava actually enjoys them, too! Everyone had a blast. Oh, there are a lot of picture of Miss Madison in this post because Kim didn't bring her camera and I wanted to be sure I got some pics of just Madison for Kim. And, since she cute and we like her, I decided to post them up here, too :)

Tell me these are not the silliest little girls you have ever seen.

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The Bowers Family said...

Thanks for posting the photos of Madison. She is such a ham and loves posing for the camera. We have missed seeing you guys and will have to get together soon.