Friday, July 24, 2009

"Anna-Tona" Weekend

Last weekend, we went to visit my Dad in "Anna-Tona" (a.k.a. Daytona if you are not Lily). Nate headed up to Georgia to fish and we headed down to got to the beach and just have some fun! We had such a full weekend! We got there in the afternoon on Friday and headed to Wal-Mart where Poppy got the girls some water paints and coloring books. Lily spent most of the rest of the day painting. She thought it was pretty much the best thing ever.

On Saturday, we got up early and headed to the Farmer's Market where they were celebrating Watermelon Day. Lily was being a bit of a stinker (we have been having some...well, a lot...of attitude issues lately), but Ava thought free watermelon was absolutely wonderful. She just sat right down in the middle of the Farmer's Market to chow down on that melon.

A photographer from the paper was there to check out the festivities and got a picture of Ava which made it into the paper! So fun!

Caption Reads: Ava Nemecek, 18 months, gets busy on a piece of watermelon at the Watermelon Day celebration on Saturday.

After Ava dropped her piece of watermelon (which just about broke her little heart), we headed over to the playground for a bit.

.After the Farmer's Market, we met up with Nana and headed to the Museum of Arts & Sciences. This was such a cool museum! Lily and Ava had an absolute blast!

There was an absolutely amazing children's section. I think the kids could have spent all day in there!

Lily and Poppy learning about pulleys.

Our little radiologist.

And, our little ultra-sound tech.

The favorite from the museum, for sure, was the pizza restaurant. Lily thought it was so neat (and, I must say, it was pretty cool).

Nana teaching Lily the ancient Italian art of pizza making.

Working so hard!

When will this thing be ready???

Ava got so hungry, she tried to eat the foam pineapple...

I think Lily may have found her calling :)

Here are my little musicians. They were so cute playing the piano together.

After the museum, we headed back to Poppy's house and the girls enjoyed some frozen yogurt pops (these are genius, by the way).


Ava hanging out with Nana.

That evening, we headed out to the beach for a bit. Lily loved it! Ava...not so much. Sh did, however, enjoy the sand!

You want me to go in the water? What are you, crazy?

Checking out Nana putting her shoes back on.

After the beach, we headed to the BBQ festival (told you we had a full weekend) to get some yummy BBQ for dinner. Ava conked out almost immediately. She was wiped out! Lily was pretty tuckered, too, but she had fun on the bounce house and sipping some nice cold lemonade.

The next day, we headed to a splash park and the beach before we headed back into St. Augustine to pick up Nate. Ava had a much better time after she had warmed up at the splash park a bit.

Ava in our sand castle.

So, Nana gave Lily this jump rope with bubbles on the ends. She thought it was the coolest thing, but when we went to blow the bubbles...well, they wouldn't blow! It was funny watching her try to get them to work.

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