Thursday, July 16, 2009

St. Auggie Weekend...Well, Some of It

Well, as some of you know, last weekend we were supposed to be making our way into St. Augustine to do some visiting for a couple of weeks while Nate went down to Naples, FL to do an off-site dental rotation. As frustrated as I was about the thought of my husband having to drive to a city 5 hours away to do basically the exact same thing he does at Shands everyday, I was excited by the prospect of spending some time with my family. Then, the dental school decided not to send him, then, they were going to send him, then, they weren't. So, with all the indecisiveness (they ended up sending him to a clinic in Ocala which he can drive to from home), we decided to at least stick to the plan of visiting St. Augustine and spending some time at my Mom's house. The girls had a lot of fun. We usually sleep at Nate's parents' house when we go into town, so it was a really special thing for Lily to get to stay at Grammy's house over night. When we first got there, we did a little craft making some cute princesses.

We had so much fun hanging out with my Mom. I didn't get many pictures (and, oddly enough, all of pictures are from when we were eating out). We did some shopping, hit the down town area, Lily and I did some tie-dyed shirts. Those were super fun! I'll have to get some pics up of those sometime soon. We'll definitly be doing more. Here are some pictures from The Bunnery (one of my favorite restaraunts on St. George Street) and Chili's.

Oh, and here's ther scene I walked in on in my bathroom the other day. Lily has decided she needs to brush her own hair. It was pretty funny.

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