Wednesday, July 8, 2009

McDonald's Fun, Fourth of July, and an Ouchie...

We have been taking thorough advantage of the Regal Free Family Film Festival this summer. Last week, after we went to see Charlotte's Web, Kim, Madison, the girls, and I hit McDonald's for some lunch. I had some coupons for free ice cream, so we let the kids have some after they finished lunch. Have I mentioned that Ava is a huge ice cream fan? Lily usually takes like 4 or 5 bites and is done, but Ava will try to eat every single last drop until i have to wrestle the last soggy, sticky piece of cake cone out of her vice-like grip. And just look at those big brown eyes!

What cuties!

We decided to go into St. Augustine for the Fourth since they cancelled the fireworks here. I did make some cupcakes (from scratch) before we went, but they turned out rather so-so. Think I will be sticking to the boxed kind on these (although, Lily did reallly like them). They did turn out fairly pretty.

She had to have her picture with the "pup-cakes."

We had a lot of fun watching the fireworks. We went to Nathan's grandparent's house on Salt Run and watched from their dock. it was perfect, because the girls could see, but it wasn't loud and there was no crowd! The girls both just curled up on my lap and sat watched the show. It was great. Here are some pics of Lily doing some sparklers with Uncle Marc and Nate.

Wow, Nate's skull baggies are really creepy in that light!

Ah, and now, for the ouchie. I debated about putting this up here, but it is going to be my excuse for not having anything new for a while. I somehow managed to catch my little toe on the side of my desk. It made this horrible cracking sound. I'm not entirely sure what I did to it, but my foot got all bruised and I had to hobble around on it for a couple of days. We just taped it up and wrapped it with some foam bandage stuff. It is starting to feel better today, but I am super paranoid about the kids stepping on it :) Anyhow, we've been in the house all week because I have not been brave enough to try to take them somewhere I may have to chase them down, so this will likely be the only post I get up this week.


Lark said...

Girl, you sure you didn't drop a brick on your foot? You broke something in there, and pinky toes are no fun to break. Hope it heals up soon, remember RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation)

The Bowers Family said...

Aaa Ouch is right. Man I bet that really hurts. Hope it is feeling better already.