Friday, April 1, 2011

March on Facebook

March 2: Ava did it. I knew she'd be the one. She cut her hair. Of course, it was the day after I had cut it, so now, she has two large spots of hair that are cut above her ears. Hoping to get her in to see Miss Kym soon, so she can get it fixed up. Thinking a longish pixie cut is our only real option. Poor thing was so upset once she realized what she'd done :(

March 5: We've got forward mobility! Oh no, here we go. Watch out world, here comes Emmie!

March 6: After being puked on twice (by two different kids, Em can't take all the credit!), think my touch pad on my laptop may be dying. My arrow is blinking like a strobe light...not a good sign.

March 7: Daddy is leaving for a ten day trip tomorrow. Sooooo not looking forward to it :( Not sure if I can survive all the preschooler drama all by myself!

March 10: Eight days to go. I am finding a new respect for all you mommas who have hubbies who travel a lot or are military families. Don't know how y'all find the energy to get through it! I'm on day three with no hubs and am just about wiped...

March 11: Yay for mommies! Especially my mommy who is coming to give me a break today :)

March 13: Ah, sleep is a wonderful thing :)

March 14: Is it Friday yet?

March 15: My daughter just informed me that she likes to touch bums (as in butts, not hobos). Wondering if I should be concerned...Oh, now she has clarified that she only likes to touch Ava's bum. Not sure that is any better :P

March 17: A house full of sickies. Praise God that Daddy will be home tomorrow!

March 18: Daddy's coming home today! Yay!!!!!!

March 20: My little rug bug is already pulling up and thinks she can stand. May not be too long until we have a little walker!

March 29: Think I am being punished by my children today...we left them with Grammy for four days (who was so mean, what with the letting them eat whatever and playing with them all the time). I am so paying for it today ;)

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