Sunday, April 24, 2011

Emma at the Beach

Last summer, Em spent her time at the beach sleeping in her car seat. Lame. No fun. At all.

This summer, totally different story! There is sand to be eaten! LOTS of sand to be eaten! A whole beach of nothing but, you got it, SAND to be EATEN!

Yeah, so Emma likes to eat sand. She is the first one of babies I have dealt with this with. So, our solution is to just let her eat it. I could spend our whole time at the beach trying to stop her, but, enh, what's the point? She gonna eat it. It ain't gonna hurt her. Made for some interesting diapers, but she has a nice sand blasted colon!

Ah, but look at that face, covered in sand and all. Too cute for words. Wonder if she will ever get hair...

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