Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Pool Trip of the Year and the Body Puzzle

This morning, we headed over to see if Miss Toni's pool was finally warm enough for us to swim. We didn't get to use the pool a whole lot last summer because we didn't move in until the end of June and then, Em was born, and well, yeah, that pretty much was why. Em was born.

So, Ava, Emma, and I decided to go over for a morning swim while Lily was at school. It was a smidgen chilly. Emmie put her toes in (and thought it was pretty awesome), but Ava and I did not make into the water. A little too cold for me. We decided to come back in the afternoon when the sun was out a little more and Lily could come with us.

So, we headed home. Emma went down for a nap and Ava decided we needed to do a puzzle. We busted out the body puzzle we got Daddy as a gag gift from the Goodwill. Giant puzzle of a body with a three year old. Not my best idea ever, but she had fun and we chit chatted. Doesn't she look likes she's having a blast?

When Lily got home, we headed back to the pool. It was PERFECT! The temperature was wonderful and all three girlies had a blast! Emma even chilled in her float for awhile. Think we will be spending lots of time over at Miss Toni's this summer!

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