Friday, July 2, 2010

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June 3: Three weeks 'til Baby Kicker (guess we need to come up with a name, huh?). Closing on the house next Friday instead of tomorrow thanks to Vystar not being on top of things. Nate starts work on Monday. Lots more craziness in the next few weeks :)

June 3:
For those who are interested, I have been trying to update the blog. I have gotten all my posts from April up (I know, I way behind), so you have to scroll down a bit to get to them. Will be working on May and June tomorrow :) The link is on my FB profile page if you are interested. Thanks!

June 6:
6 days until we close. 18 days until Baby Kicker...that means I will have a maximum of 12 days to get our house livable. Looking forward to the challenge :)

June 8:
Soooo...Nate just called and told me we cannot close this Friday thanks yet again to Vystar's stupidity. We are pushing it back another week. Which puts it a mere 6 days before Baby Kicker is scheduled to arrive. Prayers, please. For optimism, a positive attitude, sanity, patience, cooperative children...

June 9:
Kicker has a sense of humor... we ended up in L&D last night because I was having regular contractions. All I could think was, she would choose the day we find out we are going to be without a home for another week to come! Thankfully, it was just dehydration and a UTI, so they were able to calm things down with some meds and LOTS of IV fluids. Poor Nathan only got like 5 hours of sleep. Sorry, Babe...

June 10:
is loving listening to my girls play mommy. It is reminding me why I am enduring all this discomfort to have another one :) They are such an incredible gift.

June 11:
The girls are going to be so spoiled once we move into our house. Mimi reads to them every night and right now they are having an absolute blast wrestling and beating up on their Grandad with their Tinkerbell dolls.

June 14:
Ava - "I like cheese. Cheese is good. Cheese is for mouses and kids!"

June 15:
So beyond ready to go to sleep...the two infants and five other adults hanging out in the room I am sleeping in (a.k.a. my in-laws family room) are,however, making that thouroughly impossible...I am thankful for my MIL and FIL's kindness, but I am so ready to be in my own space...

June 16:
Last doc appt. before Baby Kicker today...still not sure we are closing on Friday. Eight days left until we meet our newest addition. Could use lots of prayers for patience and sleep :)

June 16:
Did not realize what a podunk town St. Auggie still is until I tried to google a Chinese restaurant to deliver and can't find a single one that actually least not that has a website. Gainesville sure spoiled us when it comes to take out!

June 17:
Kids were up at 6:00, got in bed with me and then proceeed to go back to sleep until 9:30! Think those prayers for sleep are working :) And, it was so nice to wake up next to my sleeping cuties. Great way to start our day!

June 17:
Not looking like we will be closing tomorrow. Trying not to think about it...don't want to end up back in L&D...

June 18:
VyStar FINALLY got their act together and we should be closing sometime early next week! BEFORE Baby Kicker arrives (as long as she stays on schedule)! Thank you for all the prayers and support over the last few weeks!

June 19:
Just got back from the Wal-Mart trip from HELL! Ava decided it was a good idea to just sit down on the floor while we were checking out and pee everywhere...thankfully, the guy behind us had kids, so it was slightly less embarassing. But, I will never be taking them in there ever again! How am I gonna survive with three?

June 21:
Just dropped Lily off at her first day of VBS. On the way home, I asked Ava what we should do since it was just the two and she said, "Well, what are the options?" Yeah, she's two...

June 22:
It's official! We close at 2pm tomorrow! Will give us a little over 12 hours to work on the house before we head to the hospital to have Baby Kicker (I promise she will have a name next time I post about her)! WooHoo!

June 24:
We welcomed our newest edition, Baby Emmaline Violet (Emma), this morning at 7:57am. She weighed in at 8lbs 3oz and was 18.5 inches long. She is a little chunk! Mom and baby are doing well! Thank you for all your prayers!

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