Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Morning Adventure and Lots of Emma Pics :)

We have been having such a great time exploring our new neighborhood and utilizing our loooong driveway! the girls have been loving being able to ride their bikes. They weren't able to this much at our apartment because I had to lug the bikes downstairs and then back up when they were done and it was just a HUGE pain in the bum! The last week or so, however, we have been going out and going for a walk almost every morning during Emma's fussy time (she likes it outside). It has been so nice!

Ava is still figuring out the trike.

We opted to leave the trike at home, but she insisted on still wearing the helmet. What a nut!

Snack time!

Eating a little granola off the ground never hurt anyone, right???

Too sweet!

Baby hands!

Baby toes!

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