Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random Stuff

I've got a few random things to put up before I leave, so here it is:

First, just a sweet picture of Ava. I love her little smile so much. She such a little cutie ( I know, I am partial).

We went on a play date to Madison and Kim's house (I love how when you have a kid, your house suddenly becomes their house, no matter that you pay the mortgage). The girls had a ton of fun, of course! Ava even had a blast playing with all the new toys. I think Madison and Lily had the most fun playing dress-up and blowing bubbles. Kim is such a great mom. She always plays with the girls and really interacts with them. Anyhow, lots of fun was had by all!

The little princesses.



Last night, we went to Nate's softball. I had this brilliant idea to bring sidewalk chalk to occupy Lily...yeah, not my most intelligent move. Both girls and I were covered with chalk by the time we got home (and Ava ate more than her fair share of it, too).

Alright, I think that will be it for now! It will be about 10 days or so until I get anything new up. Please, keep my poor in-laws in you prayers. And my babies...And pray for no storms for us (or rogue waves...I watched Poseidon a couple of days ago, bad idea). Have a great couple of weeks!

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