Monday, October 20, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Well, we are home. What a whirlwind 2 weeks it has been! The cruise was amazing! Nathan and I had an absolute blast. We sailed on Royal Caribbean and went to Nassau in the Bahamas and Coco Cay which is Royal Caribbean's private island. It was a much needed break for Nathan and I. We spent lots of time sleeping...and eating. There was food everywhere we went. Thank goodness that YMCA membership finally came through, cause oh boy, are we gonna need it! We had a rough night the first night (about 12 ft seas), but other that, it was pretty smooth sailing. Here are the few pictures we took:

A pretty rainbow after the storms on the first day.

I was just amazed at how small the huge ship seemed being out in the middle of the even huger ocean!

Nate climbing the rock wall (in no less than 25 mile hour winds, while the boat rocked back and forth).

Us in front of the ship in Nassau.

It was a wonderful trip and I can't thank my in-laws and everyone who helped out with kids enough for making it possible for us to go. The kids did great with my father-in-law by the way (although I think he lined up lots of help)! Yay! Good to know that Ava is capable of surviving without being attached to Mommy!

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