Friday, December 21, 2012


Lily Bear,
Seven seems so much bigger to me than six. So much bigger. I can see in you the baby you were and beginnings of the young woman you are becoming. It both amazes and terrifies me! You are growing so fast.

You are very into science right now. You love "non-fiction" books and sea creatures and learning about the world. You have asked me some hard questions the last year. And I am dreading some of the big ones that I know are coming. I love that you have your Daddy's inquisitive mind.

I see so much of myself in you some days. You are moody like me. It makes me worry a little because I want you to find your happy. I don't want you to let your attitude get in the way of being joyful. I already see that you are going to be my girl I can depend on, though. The one that I  know will always finish the job, get the good grades, makes the right choices.

You and your sisters make me laugh so much. You are such a little mamma to Emmie. I think you like taking care of her. Maybe, you just like being able to boss her around! I love seeing you and Ava and the friendship that has developed between the two of you. I am so happy God blessed you with each other. A sister is such a special gift.

Legos, Hello Kitty, and Nerf guns are some of your favorite things right now. You also love all the babies in our life right now! It's so sweet watching you play with you baby cousins and Baby O.

Oh, my Lily Bear, I love you so much, honey. I can't wait to see what this next year brings for you!


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