Friday, September 24, 2010

Three Months

You were not happy about getting your picture taken today. Daddy says it is because I put those silly little flower headbands on you (which I think are so super cute, but always forget you have unless I am taking your picture). Our first attempt at a picture ended like this:

Even with that pitiful face, you are cutie pie :) After a good nap and a yummy bottle, we tried again and I was torn between these two:

I love the first one because of your big smile. I am getting more smiles out you these days and you are getting more willing to flash a grin at people other than Mommy. You are still a MAJOR momma's girl, though.

You are starting to enjoy your sisters more everyday. You flinch slightly less every time you hear Ava's voice. Though, there are still times they are simply too much for you and you get overwhelmed and cry. I can't wait until you can really enjoy them. Not too much longer.

You still have not rolled over from back to front, but I can tell you really want to! You love tummy time and get so angry when you accidentally roll yourself back to your back. you like to be sitting up and your Bumbo is your favorite thing right now.

And, golly, where did those cheeks come from??? You are chunking up quite nicely these days! We will get to see how much you weigh next month. I am betting you are at least 14 pounds by then. We have all been having so much fun watching you grow! I love you, Emma Bean!

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