Monday, September 27, 2010


Ava: Mommy, look! Ducks!
Mommy: No, Ava, those are buzzards.
Lily: What are buzzards?
Mommy: They are a kind of bird.
Lily: Oh, are they ducks that buzz?

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Rachel D said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog (Goomba tutorial). I'm halfway through the toad costume and plan to post the how-to when I'm done. Really, it's just a matter of the hat. I'm using a store-bought sewing pattern for the vest. My youngest son wanted to be Yoshi, but I told him that costume was out of my league! So he settled for Toad.

I'm also using a store-bought princess pattern for Princess Peach and just tweaking a bit to make it more authentic.

Good luck on the costume for your baby. I made a candy corn costume using a store-bought pattern for my oldest son when he was a baby. I'm making the Goomba the exact same way (in terms of structure), just a larger version and changing the shape to be more mushroom-like.

I had to laugh at your daughter's comment about buzzing ducks. I have a personal blog where I love keeping track of the funny/adorable things my kids say. Little ones this age are just too cute!