Saturday, September 18, 2010

August on Facebook

August 2: Can not believe it's August! Where did the time go!

August 5:
Feeling stressed and overwhelmed today...think it is due in part to a distinct lack of coffee so far. Yes, that is definitely a contributing factor. At least it is one that can be easily remedied!

August 6:
Emma gave us six consecutive hours of sleep last night! Hoping it was not a fluke and that we are on our way to a full night's sleep sometime soon :)

August 9: Been married to my hubby 7 years today! What a ride it has been! We've lived in three different cities, graduated from college, had three beautiful little girls, made it through dental school, bought our first house and so much more! Can't wait to see what's next! Love you, Nathan!

August 9: Had a great date night with the hubby. Yummy Fajita Nachos for dinner, walk on the beach down in Crescent Beach (made me miss all my Zone 6 folks from back in the day!), and Cold Cow for desert! Stellar Coffee and Raspberry Chocolate Truffle ice cream, yum!

August 10:
Lily and Ava up at 3:30 + Emma up at 4:30 + not being able to turn my brain off and fall back asleep, even though I was exhausted, until close to 5:30= Movie Day at the Nemecek house. Yay, for the Toy Story movies I got on Ebay coming in last night :)

August 10:
So, when I was putting Ava's diaper on for her nap, she starts going, "Peace and quiet. Peace and quiet. Peace and quiet." Really? She think she's the one who needs peace and quiet?

August 12:
Just got to talk to our friends Madison and Kim on Skype! It was so nice to see them! And, really funny watching two 4 year olds and a 2 year old use Skype!

August 23:
Big week for us this week. Emmie is officially sleeping through the night (8.5 to 9 solid hours, let me just say WOOHOO) and turns two months old tomorrow and my Lily Bear starts VPK tomorrow! It will be so weird having her gone all day for two days a week, but I think Ava will enjoy the one on one time :)

August 25:
Finds it amazing how Emma can go from blood-curdling-OMG-my-life-is-ending screams to complete serene sleep and back to the aforementioned screams without missing a beat. She is not a happy camper right now. Boo for shots :(

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