Monday, March 1, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Soooo, it's been awhile...I know. I have no real excuse except, well, you know how the second trimester is supposed to bring on all this energy? Yeah, not so much this time around. I am just tired. It also doesn't help the whole tired thing that Miss Ava thinks coming and sneaking (extremely quietly might I add, it's truly impressive) into our bed at night is a great idea and it has become a normal occurrence. I wouldn't mind so much except that she sucks in her sleep. Not on anything her mouth just starts making sucking motions while she is sleeping...which gets kind of noisy and then one of has to bring her back t her Also, I keep forgetting to bring my camera places and then, I forget to take, that is my excuse for the lack of blogging. I will try to do better this month. I promise :)

Well, last month, Madison moved to Birmingham (or Bugginham as Ava calls it). We spent as much time as possible with her and had a wonderful last playdate at McDonald's on her birthday. We have been missing her already. It has been a week today since we saw her and we sure do miss her and her momma!

This is a pic from one of our play dates at the mall. They got cookie cups. Yum.

I have been busy making these little baby doll diapers. Can I just say, they are such a blast to make! So fun and cute and quick! Love it. I made some for Madison for her birthday and am working on the rest for the girls to get as presents from Little Kicker (formerly known as Baby #3, but she needs something a little more name like until we give her a real name) when she is born. Here is the tutorial. Even the most inexperienced crafter could sew these, so give them a try!

Here are the girls in dresses my mom got them for V-Day. they are so cute. This was on our way to MOPS one day and I just couldn't resist getting a pic of them.

Here is the one and only pic I managed to snap at our last play date with Madison. I know her mom got some, so once they are settled and she gets those up on her blog, I will post more :)

Ah, I have also been getting ready for a baby shower I am throwing this weekend for my SIL (see, I have actually been kind of busy). We are going to use fabric paint and freezer paper stencils to decorate some onesies for her little girl. Here is my trial one.

It turned out pretty cute. If only my lettering had not been so crooked...

In other non-pictured news, Lily has started going to speech therapy with a friend of mine. She has been having trouble with some of her pronunciation, so we figured we might as well go ahead and get her working on it before she has to start school and everything. She LOVES it! She gets to go and "play with Miss Megan."

Alright, I think that is all for now. I have an ultrasound next week, so hopefully, I will have some pics of Little Kicker to put up.

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