Monday, March 15, 2010

So Proud.

Well, after a crazy stressful weekend, we just found out that Nate passed his State Boards with flying colors! This was the last step (other than graduation) in getting his license. I am so proud of him! We all are! The end of this four year long journey through Dental School is almost over. This feels like it is as much a victory for him as it is for me, the girls, and all our extended family who have given us so much support through these years. Nathan, I love you so much and am so proud of all that you have and will accomplish!

Nate at his interview for Dental School. This was in early 2005. Cannot believe it was so long ago!

Nate on his first day of Dental School. Doesn't he looked thrilled about me taking this picture?

This is us at Nate's White Coat Ceremony. I was just thinking that wasn't that long ago, but actually, it had to have been close to two years ago now. Wow.

Now, all we need is one of him grabbing that diploma! Two more months!

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