Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baby Birds and Baby Kicker

Look what we found on our porch! We have been watching this dove come to our house for a couple of months now building a nest and thought we might end up with some eggs. Today, though, Nate was watering outside and startled the Momma Dove. So, he peeked into the pot where she was sitting and found these little guys (who Lily has named Cara and Nicholas). So cool. And, don't worry the momma came back once we had been inside for a few minutes, so those babies are are being taken care of!

In other baby news, here is a pic of Baby Kicker (the girls call her this now and it is too cute)! She was 1 lb 3 oz or so at 24 weeks. They said it looks like she will probably be a small baby which came as a surprise seeing as her big sisters were 8lb 14oz and 7lb 12oz, not exactly tiny babies :)

And here is just a random picture of Ava. It is from Treaty Park in St. Augustine. She was so pleased with herself. She scares me to death climbing anything because she falls plenty just standing still! Adding height does not seem like a good plan to me, but she is my little daredevil.

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