Monday, May 18, 2009

Crafty Goodness, St. Auggie Trip, Fun Skirts, and a New Hat

First up, I just wanted to post a picture of some rice heat therapy packs I made. The pretty one went to my pregnant sis-in-law as part of her birthday gift. The other is just a fun one for the girls (it is an old pair of baby pants). Lily loves these and they are great for all those mysterious pains that seem to pop up right around bed time :) I don't know if I have ever posted a tutorial for these, but you can find a great one here.

We headed into St. Augustine this past weekend for some get togethers that were going on. Our first stop was at my Nana's for my Dad's 50th birthday. It was just a small dinner (Dad's not a huge fan of birthdays). I had made some new skirts for the girls earlier in the week, so I had them wear them. They were so cute! Lily's is kinda from this tutorial and Ava's is from this one. There will definitely be more skirts popping up sometime soon. They were so fun to make and looked so cute!

She looks like she is doing yoga or somethign in this picture. She was having so much fun running around the backyard.

My sweet girls.

Lots of hugging lately, I love it!

Lily running a round with her new Dora radio (courtesy of Nana).

Lily always insists on being barefoot when we're at Nana's. I think it is because I can't let her do it here because we have so many sand spurs here. It always makes for some lovely feet, though!

Showing me her pretty flower.

The girls. All of us!

Lily and Ava playing.

The yummy Cannoli Cake that Nana got. It was really good :)

On Saturday we headed to a house warming party for a friend of mine, then to a get together at Nathan's grandparents' house. They have this amazing place on Salt Run. It's the kind of place that Nathan and I hope we can own the very distant future. Lily wore another new skirt that I made her. It is kind of from this tutorial. It was by far my favorite of the three. It was so twirly and feminine. And, just looked so sweet on her!

Checking out the Koi pond.

Running around the back yard.

Daddy and Ava on the dock.

A couple of weeks ago, I won a GC to Posh Toppings. I got this adorable little hat and some flowers that clip onto it. Well, Lily saw the flowers and had toa have all 5 of them on the hat and she had to wear it out to Publix! It is so cute, though! I can't wait till the fallw hen it will be cool enough for her to wear it! I think I am goign to have to find some little head bands I can clip those flowers on, though, for the summer. Oh, and sorry for the goof-ball pictures, she would not just look at me and smile! I think the sun was bothering her...

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Ashlee said...

You have such a beautiful family! I will definitely have to try the rice packs. What a great idea.