Friday, May 1, 2009

Battling Boredom

This week, I have been trying to come up with ways to entertain the kids that don't involve u getting in the car and actually driving anywhere. Thankfully, we have been having absolutely beautiful weather! On Wednesday, we headed outside to let the girlies play with some finger paints! Lily loves to paint/ draw/ do anything craft like, so this is always a fun thing for her. I usually let her do it inside on a drop cloth during Ava's nap, but I decided to let Ava have a go at it. I was not brave enough, however, to let me 16 month old loose with paints inside my apartment (Lily was probably closer to 2 1/2 before we did paints, so it was a little different, not o mention there was only one of her to keep from smearing paint everywhere). The outside paint was a wise choice. We have some long rolls of paper and I just laid a big strip of it out on the sidwalk, sprinkled some paint all along it and let them have at it! It was fun to watch them. Lily used it as a cat walk, leaving little multi-colored footprints behind her. Ava was a little more cautious...although, she did end up using the paper/ paint as a kind of slip-n-slide...

Oh, I just love those fat little legs...

Oh, yeah, outside was a good idea!

And, this is what happens when you walk through the paint and slip and land on your bum...but, I think she can pull it off :)

Look at the mess Mom's letting me make!

Lily doing her catwalk. She's such a little diva.

Thankfully, the bottom was not s bad as the top. Nothing transferred onto my carpet (not that you'd relaly notice if it did with our nasty carpeting).

Big Sis' feet didn't fare much better.

I couldn't keep the whole long piece of paper, so I took pictures of some of my favorite spots...mostly, little hands and feet...

We also made our first trip to the pool today. Lily has decided she is going to learn how to swim this summer (which sounds great, because I have decided I am going to get a tan this summer). So, we went to the pool and Lily loved it. She had a blast, swallowed lots of water...Ava on the other hand...hated it. And, I mean hated it! It took me like 15 minutes just to get her in the water and in her float. Then, she spent the whole rest of the time we were there saying, "No. Done. Now." Yeah, she's not much of a little water baby. We will also have to work on that this summer :)

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Ashlee said...

I love this idea!!! I also struggle with ways to entertain my little girl without getting in the car. I will try this for sure. Love those chubby legs too!