Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Stuff About the Kids I Want to Remember

  • She says "lasterday" instead of yesterday and "laster-time" instead of last time.
  • When Ava is bugging her she tells me, "Momma, put A-ba to bed!" (she always drags Ava's name out really long when she says it).
  • She is watching the Gator game with her Daddy and yelling everything he yells at the TV, even though she has no idea what he is talking about.
  • She likes to show her boy friends her clothes...especially her friend Connor.
  • She loves to shop. For anything.
  • How much she love fishing. Nate got her a pink fishing pole for her birthday and she loves it. She makes him show her pictures of fish on the computer and she can identify a few of the more common ones just by seeing their picture. She is especially fond of red fish.
  • The way she talks to Ava. She acts like she understands Ava's babbling (maybe she does) and will tell me what Ava is "saying." She also takes on this special voice to talk to Ava.
  • I wish I had gotten it on tape...but I want to remember her little bootie-scoot crawl. She would be sitting up, usually with something in one hand and scoot herself across the floor on her bum with one leg. You won't know what I am talking about unless you saw it, but I want to remember it.
  • She thinks she is so cool when she sits down in a chair by herself.
  • She gives hugs...barely a year old and she gives hugs and kisses. I love it.
  • She leans...on everything. She'll just be standing there and decide to lean back on the couch. She falls a lot because of it, but it's too funny.
  • She wants to be just like her big sister. She tries to do everything Lily does. I think (hope) she will potty train early because she always wants to watch Lily go potty. She tries to put her clothes and shoes on because she sees Lily do it.
  • She loves Lily so much. Lily will get sent to her room for being mean to Ava or whatever and even if whatever Lily has gotten in trouble for makes Ava cry, she will stop crying and just toddle along behind her big sister (which usually makes Lily even more upset, but Ava just can;t stand to be away from her).

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