Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Dream of Vinyl

I have decided that I need an all vinyl house...and car for that matter. Just everything vinyl...heck, even my clothes! Why, you ask! Well, I have these two small children who have been just exploding form both ends! I will not go into gruesome detail but, there has just been ick everywhere this week! Thankfully, Lily only exploded the one time yesterday (I don't think we have the stomach flu, praise God!)...however, Ava just exploded all over my couch from the other end (I suppose this could be some sort of tummy bug on her part)! I should really buy stock in Resolve as we are going through it like crazy!!! So, vinyl...yes, vinyl, would be great. No scrubbing, just hose it down. Sounds perfect!

Oh, and ponder does one pooh and manage to get 3/4 of it out of one's diaper and only 1/4 of it in one's diaper??? What is the point of the stinking diaper if the baby can just aim better and squirt right out of it??? Alright, I'm done.


Anonymous said...

My dream is a linoleum floor in my car. Spilled drinks, dropped nugget sauce, ice cream, vomit - all of it would clean up so easily with no residual smell.

At least I have my emergency bottle of Febreeze stashed in each car!

Thanks for stopping by Chic Critique and entering our contest for the eye makeup kit. Good luck!!

The Bowers Family said...

I was just checking in to see how things are going. I am praying that all will get better at your house. Glad it seems that you and Nate have not gotten it.


Lark said...

I was thinking vinyl would be nice for potty training too.

As I read your previous posts I was thinking you were in 'stomach bug denial'. Hope it passes through quickly.