Friday, October 1, 2010

September on Facebook

September 8: Finally feels like we are getting into some sort of routine. Emmie has been waking up happy in the morning (love hearing baby coos on the monitor). Lily has been LOVING school. Ava Bug is...well, she is the middle child and just going along with everybody else's stuff :) But, she sure is sweet and cute while doing it!

September 14:
Thinking about training for and doing a 1/2 marathon...also thinking I have officially lost my mind :)

September 17:
Just found acorns in my washer...ahhh, my little Ava Bug...

September 20:
Think Emmie must be going through a growth spurt. She slept for like 4 hours straight, woke up and ate 7 oz of formula and has now conked back out.

September 22:
Got Lily and Ava's room and closet painted! Yay! They are so super excited about their new pink room :)

September 24:
Ava is singing Paramore's "Only Exception." Too funny :)

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