Sunday, October 24, 2010

Four Months.

Wow. Four months old already. Crazy. You are a different kind of baby :) Nothing like your sisters were. You only want Momma, still. You HATE going anywhere. You are happiest at home on Mommy's lap.

We have discovered that you enjoy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You will sit in your little bouncer and watch it with your sisters. It's pretty sweet. You are beginning to enjoy them more and more. They seem to overwhelm and entertain you all at the same time.

You are learning to sit up. You love being propped up on the floor to practice and build those tummy muscles. You make me laugh because you have not even rolled over, yet, and you are close to sitting by yourself. Lily rolled over at six weeks old, Ava at 10 weeks, and you have no interest in it at all. You are really your own little person.

We gave you some rice cereal this weekend. You were SO not a fan. You did a great job keeping it in your mouth, but you made a really disgusted face. Another huge difference from your big sister who both loved food the second they had it!

We are working on getting a more consistent nap time for you. You're not really a fan of this because you think 30 minute naps are a great idea. I'm afraid we disagree on this :)

So, happy four months, my sweet!


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