Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Thanksgiving and Then Some

Well, I am actually going to start this post like last...hmmm...I guess the weekend before Thanksgiving. Nate took Lily to her first Gator football game. She had some fun, though he said she slept through a lot of it...silly girl. She did have fun donning her Gator shirt and Gator pigtails.

Check out the shades.

I'm not sure what was going on with that pigtail...they kind of had a mind of their own!

Fast forward a bit to the week of Thanksgiving. Before we made the trek to St. Auggie, we got to go and play with my friend Laura and her two sons, Kaden and Asa Jack. Kaden is a little younger than Lily and Asa Jack is only a couple of months old. Lily and Kaden had a blast playing. We took them to Possum Creek Park which is a really awesome little park here in town. They were so cute. Of course, eventually, Lily copped her little girl attitude and didn't want to play with Kaden anymore, so we headed home...

Lily sliding down the tunnel.

Ava had so much fun playing like a big kid! I swear she has the cutest little smile ever!

How cute are they? They ran around holding hands for awhile and it was so cute!

We also got our tree put up before we left town. I know, it's kind of early, bet we are only here for like 2 weeks in December, and I wanted to be sure the kids got to enjoy the tree. Lily had so much fun helping me decorate it. She kept asking if we could do it again!

Lily was a champ decorating the tree! She did a great job.

Ava did her best to help out :)

She really enjoyed hanging out with Hermie.

Lily giving Ava what would be a sweet hug if she weren't strangling her...

The completed tree...our Charlie Brown Christmas tree as we call it, though it does look fuller in pictures than in real life...

Both girls were fascinated by the lights.

Lily kept on tweaking her ornaments.

And our beautiful stockings that my Mom made us last year. When Lily saw these she said that Christmas had come to our house.

Well, once Wednesday rolled around, it was time to head to St. Augustine for the Turkey Day festivities. We had a great time and got to see a lot of family which the girls always love! I also got to do some shopping (yes, I am one of the crazy Black Friday shoppers). I found an awesome deal on diapers, so that was exciting :) Anyhow, back to the St. Augustine trip. On Wednesday, we went to Nathan's parents, Mimi and Granddad to the kids. With in minutes of us walking in the door, both kids had treats...Granddad is exceptionally good at keeping them filled up with goodies :)

Mmmm...animal crackers...

"Tanks, Frandad!"

On Thursday, the girls and I headed over to my Mom's first thing in the morning before all the eating fests began. Lily got to make butter with Pa. She had so much fun and stuck with it for quite a while! Then, she got to help Grammy with some Thanksgiving baking. That kid loves to cook!

Later that day, we headed to Nate's grandparents house, then to see my Dad, Nana, Tara, and Tara's mother and grandmother in Palm Coast. Tara's mother got the kids some really cute gifts that they both really loved!

Lily playing with the cat's toys...I know, but I wanted to show off her super cute outfit!

When we finished at my Nana's we headed to Thanksgiving number 3. Our last one, at Nate's grandmother's house. After that, we headed downtown to see the Christmas lights with my Dad and that group. The kids had a lot of fun even though they were both dead tired! We took a bunch of pictures under the giant Christmas tree in the square. So fun!

Lily with my Dad.

A half way decent family picture, yay!

Lily and Tara, what a goofy face (Lily, not Tara)!

Funky picture with the lights.

In front og Lightener Museum.

Ava loved all the lights.

Awww, sweet baby!

Okay, last thing...this is from this morning. Silly Ava climbed into the toy bucket and was chilling with her head against the coffee table and watching Backyardagains. Gotta love the propped up foot! Oh, and she's walking now! Officially! Yay! She will try to walk and then crawl once she falls, but it is a first step towards not having to carry her around all the time anymore!


Bellamarin said...

Wow Tori your fam is so creative! I love the stockings and Lily's super cute outfit is awesome especially because Bella has it too. Who knew black would look good on kids?

The Bowers Family said...

I love the photo of Ava in the toy bucket. This morning Madison was using a toy bucket lid to "ski" around the house. She saw a sledding episode of Max and Ruby and I think she was trying to break her neck. Just what I need a other broken tooth or a neck collar for Christmas.