Sunday, December 7, 2008

Conversations with Lily

Lily has been asking for everything she sees on TV for Christmas. This morning, a commercial for a kid dinosaur ATV type thing came on and here is the conversation that ensued:

Lily: Daddy, what's that?
Daddy: I don't know, Lil.
Lily: Maybe, I get it for Christmas.

She doesn't even know what it is and she wants it! What a stinker! So, a few minutes later, I decided it was time to remind her what Christmas is really about...

Mommy: Lily, do you know why we celebrate Christmas?
Lily: Because we all poopy! (She is all about the poop humor these days)
Mommy: No, Lily, we celebrate Christmas because that is when Baby Jesus was born. It's not just about presents. It's a special day because it's Baby Jesus' birthday. Did you know that?
Lily (in a very little voice): No, I didn't know that.
She sat and though about that for a minute and then came out with this:
Lily: I not want Baby Jesus to come to my birthday party, just baby Emery (a friend of ours).

Niiiice...what a sweet little girl I have...

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