Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stuff to Remember

- You say something is "tasty" when you think it tastes bad.
- Aubrey is your buddy. I love listening to the two of you chatter away at each other!

- Your teacher calls you her "little fashionista" and expects to see  you on the cover of Vogue some day!
- You always walk on your toes!
- You save some of your snack everyday to give to Emmie when you get out of school.

-You are super into reading and have no fewer than four Magic Treehouse Books going at once. I bought you some cupcake bookmarks that came in a four pack, so I think you decided you had to start four books so you could use them all!
- You have been making breakfast for yourself and you sisters on school days. It amazes me. You are such a big girl and such a wonderful helper.

-All of you climb into bed with us every Saturday morning and, even though I complain about being woken up so early, I absolutely love having all my babies curled up under the covers with me! -

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