Monday, October 14, 2013

Yard Bird Breakfast

So, we're sitting at breakfast with Grammy a few days ago at this place in town called Yard Bird. The tables there are all set next to each other and one side of the seats are old church pews all pushed up against each other. There are four men at the table next to us. Emma is sitting between me and the man at that table who happens to be the son of someone Grammy knows. So, Grammy strikes up conversation with this man (who happens to be a decent looking guy dressed semi-professionally). Then, this man says hello to Emma. Now, I don't know if you've picked up on the fact that Emma is not Little Miss Friendly when it comes to strangers, especially male strangers and little boys for that matter, but she's not. She usually clams up, hides her face, or says something very rude about how they are creepy or weird looking. Well, not this time. She says hello and proceeds to show him her nail polish and fully engage in a two minute conversation with the random man about her nails and the colors she likes, etc. When she finishes and let's the man return to his meal, I say to her, "Emma, that was very nice! I thought you didn't like boys!" And she looks at me and says, "Welllll, I like BIG boys." Oi. That kid.

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