Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Hanging Out with Some Little 'Uns

We love our Monday morning coffee time with Miss Toni and Baby O...

Even when she is trying to 'zombie' our faces :)

Waiting for the bus is REALLY boring. So, we take pictures. 

Emma doesn't always like taking pictures...

Ava does. Always a super sweet smile on this one's face.

Emma...not so much. But, we still love her.

Maybe, we can get one of all three of us...

Or not. Not as easy as I thought...

It's a turkey hat. Enough said.

We love The Hyppo Cafe. Yum.

Homemade strawberry ice pop at The Hyppo, double yum.

No, she was not eating playdough. I'm not entirely sure what she  was doing, but she definitely was not eating playdough...I hope.

We were definitively hanging out with our super awesome Cousin Aubrey.

Why can't they hold perfectly still AND smile at the same time???


 Flamingo head band! Oh, those eyes are too much! We are in so much trouble with this one...

Waiting on Ava Bug...

Chic-fil-a with Aubs, Aunt Carey, and Baby Avery! He's there, I promise, he's under the table.

Still love her little toes. Though, they are not as small as they once were...

My girlie.

Always waiting on one sister or the other these days. But, she's good at it. And, she's sweet company. Usually ;)

Tunnels at Swing Park!

Breakfast at Panera!

 The wagon at the Flea Market. This thing has been there since...forever.

 The Bunnery chocolate croissant. Yum. Yes, I love breakfast.

 And, I love this short little person. I love our mornings together.

Sweetest smile ever even though I woke her up taking this.

 LOVE this face. She is my little angel.

We voted. We're cool like that.

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DJ said...


It thrills me to see all these beautiful children as well as you enjoying being a Super Mom! You make me proud. I love you!

From your Aunt Dottie with Love.