Monday, October 1, 2012

September on Facebook

September 3:  How did my child loose a blanket? A whole twin sized blanket. Gone.

September 6: Breakfast with my girlie - Downtown! — at Downtown.

September 7: Ah! Love this kid!

September 11: Too much cuteness! — with Carey Nemecek.

September 13: My awesome partner in crime while her big sisters are at school. Love this crazy little nut biscuit!

September 13: Alright, need some more advice. All the suggestions for the stinky feet were awesome, so I figured I'd put this one up here, too! This week my littlest, who is two, has decided to get up at around 2 am and wander either into our bedroom or around the house. One morning I found her sleeping on the couch and this morning she was asleep on the floor between her bedroom and her sisters' room. I don't particularly like her waking us up in the middle of the night, but at least I know she ends up back in bed. I'm a lot more worried about her wandering around the house in the dark. Anyone ever had a kid do this before?

September 18: Having to have her blankie washed = the end of Emma's universe :(

September 18: Blankie is clean. All is now right in the world :)

September 27:  Breakfast at Panera with the cutest little nut in town!

September 27: 
Emmie: Momma, look what I made! A circle!
Mommy: Good job, Emmie! When did you get so big?
Emmie (very emphatically putting her hands on top of her head): It's just my hair!!!

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