Sunday, July 1, 2012

June on Facebook

June 4: Dear Sesame Street,
I have decided that your show should be renamed, "Grover Show." And, it should not play Ernie or anyone else but Grover for that matter. Thanks.


June 6: I officially have a first grader!!! So proud of my girl!

June 14: Emma used the potty three times today! All by herself, might I add, with no encouragement from anyone! I am so not wanting to potty train right now, but she is SOOO ready :)

June 19: Heading to the beach with Carey Nemecek and Elijah Z Worz! Gonna be a fun morning! We're trying to get Carey to go into labor before she has to go back to work on Thursday ;)

June 21: Alright, so Em is the first of my children to figure out how to work the whole potty/ treat system. We used it with great success with the older two, but Miss Em is going potty about every 15 minutes in order to rack up the treats. She does go every time, but only about a tsp. or so. Any thoughts? I'm not sure if she'll want to keep using the potty if she's not getting treats...

June 23: Love these girlies!

June 24: Bittersweet end to an awesome 2nd birthday for my sweet baby girl. She is such a precious blessing to us and as amazing as it is to see her growing and learning, I am a little sad she is not my little one anymore. She is a full blown kid! I love you so much, Sweet Emmie!

June 28: Awesome beach morning followed by some super yummy shaved ice with Carey Nemecek and Elijah Z Worz! No new nephew yet, but we are hoping any day!

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