Thursday, September 1, 2011

August on Facebook

August 4: Dear Thursday, We have had a rough week. Could you please not throw anymore craziness our way? That'd be great. Thanks.

August 15:
Love hearing about new babies coming into the world. There is just something special about knowing there is a new life out there joining their family :) Congrats to Rebecca, Jake, and Grant Tillman!

August 16:
Quote of the Day: Lily: "Emma knows stuff."

August 18:
Love watching Lily getting frustrated while trying to rationally explain to Emma why she should give her the Wii remote. Love watching Emma's little one year old self totally not care about her big sister's very rational argument :)

August 22:
Lily completed her first day of kindergarten and even rode the bus home! She is getting so big :)

August 30:
Had a big scare this afternoon. A dresser toppled over and almost landed on top of Ava Bug. Thanking God she is okay and that Emmie wasn't in the bedroom with her sisters. Needless to say, all the dressers are firmly attached to the walls now. There will be no more falling furniture in this house!

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