Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Fun!

So, my super awesome, bestie, Mandie loves the fourth of July. It's apparently her favorite holiday (which I find really funny).

Anyhow, Mandie loves the fireworks, so we HAD to go to downtown St. Augustine to watch the city's fireworks display.

The beach, Nathan's grandfather's dock, pretty much anywhere else with any sort of view a few 100,000 people less would have been my pick, but, alas, we let Mandie talk us into the downtown trek.

It was fun. Tie dyed, t-shirts, pushing a double stroller across a packed sidewalk on the bridge, Ava biting a glow stick in half and getting chemicals in her eyes, fourteen of us eating two pies directly out of the packages because we forgot to bring plates, watching my Ava Bug's face light up at the sight of the fireworks, hearing George Lucas films music playing in the background of the fireworks, seeing some VERY silly and inebriated young women urinate in the bushes, Elijah getting asked if he was a pizza guy, old man in a pirate hat kind of fun.

Seriously, seeing my kids faces during the fireworks was amazing. They were amazed and that made me all the more amazed. We went to the show with Mandie and her sister, Emily. Emily's husband is in Iraq right now. Amazed. At our country and the people who fight to protect it and their families who support them.

Happy Fourth to everyone! And, thank you to all of you who are out there fighting for us!

Oh, and don't you love the pic of my fourteen (almost fifteen) year old brother sucking down the juice box? Bet he is psyche that is out in the world for all to see! Love you, Elijah!

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